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Bridge has captivated players for many years. It has evolved and changed but the fascination of the game and it's appeal to all ages is still strong. There have been different approaches to the game and different bidding styles.

Playing Bridge uses and develops Logical Thinking, Problem Solving Skills, Visualisation and Lateral Thinking. Playing Bridge will keep your brain young and your mind alert. Recent research suggests it might even starve off degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. Bridge is inexpensive, great fun and exciting.

Lessons these days take a modern approach which is played in all bridge clubs, bridge tournaments, games on line and on board ships and among friends playing at home.

We provide beginner's lessons followed by Supervised Play sessions. Further support is provided by a comprehensive Library for players who wish to improve their game.

Structured lessons for beginners will be conducted on Tuesday nights commencing at 7.30. The course is designed for people who would like to learn to play bridge and for people who would like a refresher course.

Initial lessons consist of a basic 6 week course costing $5.00 per week plus recommended text. Tuesday night Lessons are followed by "Help with play" sessions.

Our Next round of lessons begins on Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 7.30pm and repeated on Thursday 11th May at 10am at our Club on Lion Creek Road. Anyone wishing to learn Bridge, please contact Dell Dawson on 49286419 or Jan Randall on 0401 623 779.

THURSDAY SUPERVISED PLAY At the conclusion of lessons you will be welcomed to supervised play on Thursday mornings. No partner is needed. Friendly guidance is given by experienced players.

IMPROVED BRIDGE SESSIONS There is no currently scheduled Improver lessons.

Lessons for 2017 will be taught by Jan & Peter Randall